How Often Should Children Visit the Dentist?

An important part of healthy living is maintaining good dental hygiene. The brushing and flossing habits we develop as children set the foundation for our lifestyle and dental health moving forward. However, they should be accompanied by regular trips to the dentist each year.
Only a dentist has the knowledge and experience to detect special problems or ailments that may have developed, which would normally go unnoticed without detailed oral examination. A regular dental exam will help your kids get the information, products and advice they need to keep up their dental health. All while looking great and feeling confident around other children!
There is of course, quite a lot of debate about how often kids should go to the dentist. Dental experts recommend that children go to the dentist for a check-up and professional cleaning at least twice a year. This is a reasonable estimate of what is required to maintain good dental health.
The standard varies, however; according to individual health and life habits. Older children whose routine habits have put them at minor risk of developing cavities and gum disease can get away with going to the dentist only once a year. However, those in a higher risk category should see the dentist more than twice a year.
The latter category includes diabetics, children who already have gum disease or are prone to bacterial infection, and those who are especially susceptible to getting cavities or tend to build up plaque at a higher rate than other people. This also includes children that tend to grind their teeth or have braces, Invisalign, etc.
Such persons need to take extra measures to properly maintain their dental health. An extra trip to the dentist here and there will help them keep things under control so that they can minimize issues and expenses later in life.
Proper dental hygiene is an important part of maintaining overall health in your children. Stay informed with regular consultation and exams.
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