Meet Dr. Thomas Blase

Thomas Blase, DDS, MSD

Dr. Blase was born in St. Louis and is the oldest of eight children. He graduated from high school at the age of 16, during which time he attained the rank of Eagle Scout and lettered in water polo, rifle, track and cross-country. He attended the University of Missouri and completed his Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry by age 19. Four years later he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Missouri - Kansas City Dental School and was off to West Berlin, Germany to begin a four-year tour as a Captain in the Army Dental Corps. He left the service in 1985 to attend the graduate program in Orthodontics at St. Louis University where he earned his Master of Science Degree. Dr. Blase has practiced orthodontics in Tucson since 1987.

In 1994, Dr. Blase completed an extensive continuing education program spanning two years at the highly-regarded Roth/Williams Center for Functional Occlusion. While many new treatment techniques have been promoted since then, any new technique or appliance that is introduced to the orthodontist community is evaluated by Dr. Blase for its adherence to his treatment philosophy before being offered to a patient as a viable option.

Dr. Blase is the product of an amazing, fun-loving, and large family! His perspective on his practice style has been greatly influenced by his close-knit family and he finds that the most enjoyable part of being an orthodontist is the ever-growing circle of friends he makes as his career progresses. He loves running into patients years after their treatments have ended to catch up on their lives (and to see if they've been wearing their retainers)!

Dr. Blase met his wife of over 35 years, Debrah, when she was the principal ballerina of the Kansas City Ballet, performing the Nutcracker. They have two children; Julia, a project manager for a software and services company in Washington, DC, and Charles who lives in San Diego with his wife, Jenna, where he works as a CPA for a commercial bank.

Dr. Blase has enjoyed traveling and has many interesting stories about his trips to East Berlin back when the Berlin Wall was still in existence. He has appeared on the Maury Povich Show (1997), earned a brown belt in karate, danced ballet for three years while in dental school, and learned to play the violin, piano, and hockey as an adult.  He studied drawing and oil painting over the past ten-plus years and continues enjoying this past time. He has also become a fairly active motorcycle rider in the past decade (currently owns a BMW S1000RR, and an MV Augusta F3-800).   His favorite pastimes include golf, painting, reading, practicing guitar, playing Call-of-Duty on Xbox live with three of his brothers, and traveling to see his children.  He would like to become a good bridge player, but thinks this is unlikely since he wasn't very accomplished at it when he last played in 1992!

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